One book, two titles

A lot of readers have been emailing me, asking about my next book.  I thought I’d give you an advance peek at what’s coming up for Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles.  Yes, it is another Jane and Maura book, but depending on where you buy the book, you’ll encounter two completely different titles — not to mention two completely different cover designs.  

 Am I trying to confuse my readers?

Not at all.  The reason for the different titles/covers has to do with different sensibilities across “the pond.”  My American publisher and my U.K. publisher couldn’t agree on which title worked better for their different audiences.  So they opted to go with two different titles.  Here they are.

In the U.S., the book will be THE KEEPSAKE:




But in the U.K., the title and cover will be KEEPING THE DEAD, and here’s their cover:


They’re really different, aren’t they?  And yet, I love them both.  If you asked me to choose between the two, I’d have a hard time deciding. 

This is an example of how publishers in different countries can work completely independently of each other. They know their own audiences.  They know what works in their own markets. 

As an aside, I just happened to notice that the image from my U.K. cover is a photograph taken by Joyce Tennyson — who just happens to live about five miles from where I do — in Maine.  Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?  And I had nothing to do with choosing that photo.