Watch our film Magnificent Beast

Many of you know about this fun and crazy project I’ve been working on for the past few years, a feature documentary film called Magnificent Beast I invite you to our first virtual screening event! For ten days you’ll have exclusive access to the very first showing of our film. The screening runs from February 12-21 and is viewable worldwide.

Also, please join me and my co-director for a Zoom Q&A on Sunday, February 21st, where we’ll answer all your burning questions.

Magnificent Beast is about the history of pigs and humans together. Why pigs? They’re intelligent. They’re the ultimate survivors. And since the dawn of humanity, they’ve had a complex relationship with us as food, as foe, and even as friend. Our relationship with pigs is so fraught that some cultures forbid pork, and our film dives deeply into the ancient roots of that taboo.

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