A request

Please, if you will, no bashing in the comments section.   

Also, I have the highest regard for Nora Roberts, whom I consider a friend.  She, and several authors over at Dear Author have offered supportive coments and have not joined in the slugfest.  For that I thank them. 

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  1. redrobinreader
    redrobinreader says:

    In the spirit of truth and honesty, can we clarify that ONE COMMENTER used that phrase. “DA” didn’t call you anything. And, actually, I think some plain old readers offered words of support, too, not just authors (although I read Roberts’s comments slightly differently than you, I think).

  2. Kyle K.
    Kyle K. says:

    Now, Tess, isn’t that enough of a reason to keep blogging? Even now, even after you threw in the blogging towel, they had to get in ONE. LAST. COMMENT.

    You’re not gaining any respect here, Robin, with your backhanded comments. Please show some respect to Tess and her home here on the internet, and you might just find you’ll get some in return.

  3. Doug Riddle
    Doug Riddle says:


    Please don’t stop blogging.

    I am the first to admit I didn’t agree with your first post. But when friends disagree, they don’t let it destroy their friendship, and the people here are your friends.

    This will all blow over in a week or so.

    Just remember the old toast….”Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.”

    You would be deeply missed by all of us, please reconsider.

  4. Nonny
    Nonny says:

    Technically, I don’t think that any of the Janes (DA) said anything against you, but people commenting on the site. Since a lot of their commenters are anonymous… well, how much does their opinion really mean?

    Do what you need to do. If dealing with this kind of drama is going to interfere with your writing, then maybe it would be best to take a break from the blog (though you will be missed!).

    Unfortunately, drama is the norm for the blogosphere, and it just happens to be your turn in the spotlight. 😕

  5. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    I didn’t mean anything about Mrs. Roberts negatively, I was just saying that I saw her commenting on that site, so apparently this is a bigger deal than it really needs to be. I really don’t want to think of you as (gulp) a coward so really Tess, don’t let this destroy you. You don’t have to blog about racy issues we don’t mind reading things like how your Bangor event will go with King and Grisham (oh PLEASE blog about that!! or at least send me an email, something) And to counter that woman’s argument about the internet being a place for all to see or whatever yeah that’s very true, but nobody is FORCED to look at anything on the internet. It is a luxury, nobody actually NEEDS the internet, so don’t listen to her. If you want to stop blogging so be it, but your reasoning shouldn’t be because some other person is coercing you. This all reminds me of a quote from a funny movie I once saw (happens to be from The Ringer) “Fighting online is like racing in the Special Olympics; even if you win, you’re still a retard.” (not calling you one Tess, of course)

  6. gayle
    gayle says:

    GerritsenFever10 Says:
    “Fighting online is like racing in the Special Olympics; even if you win, you’re still a retard.”
    Hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone.

    I am a special education teacher who teaches students who have a mild mental disability. I have also helped out at special olympics. So, yes, I am highly offended by your comment.

  7. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Eeek, yeah I wrote that figuring I’d get some backlash, but remember, don’t take it so seriously, I’m not bashing special needs individuals (I’m actually in nursing school) all that comment meant was that if you’re going to fight online you might as well not because it’s not going to get you anywhere…(not that mentally disabled people never get anywhere, you understand) and I do apologize for that brash quote which I swear I did not make up, it is from a movie “The Ringer”

  8. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    What’s with this “dude” situation? You’ve actually published, right? Okay then, yeah, let’s use our big people terms. And it is helpful because the fighting online thing is silly and yet I’m feeding the flames! It is kind of fun though isn’t it? Gives you something to do anyway.

  9. l.c.mccabe
    l.c.mccabe says:


    I am so far behind in my blog reading and well, my own blogging as well. I just read your last seven posts in quick succession and do not have the heart to read comment threads which contain hurtful statements to you.

    I have read your blog for over a year now and I know how honest you are. You have shared many aspects of your writing life that few have the courage to admit.

    I read your post about an author bites back and I understood your humor. I didn’t need any explanation, but I also recognize that people reading your blog for the first time might not “get it.”

    :shakes head sadly:

    You did nothing wrong other than express your opinion about the desire of authors to have their work be treated with respect and not casually dismissed by someone with a keyboard, an internet connection and five minutes on their hands who can bang out a nasty-gram without a second thought as to the impact of their words.

    Yet, it appears that some do not understand that simple truth.

    A friend of mine mentioned on her blog recently that she received an uncomplimentary review on Amazon from someone who clearly didn’t read her book carefully. Her first name is unisex and will sometimes cause confusion.

    The negative reviewer made mention of her as being a man which then immediately shows that he did not read the book very carefully because she does not hide her sex from the readers.

    To me, that cast everything else the reviewer had to say into an uninformed light. His review also contained two completely contradictory statements which also served to render the review problematic.

    My friend is new to the game of being reviewed on Amazon and, well, she took this review personally because it was a criticism of her work. It was also filled with obvious ignorance. Yet this unhelpful review irked her for nearly a day, even though she could spot its weaknesses.

    The question for authors with similar reviews based on ignorant reading of the texts as to whether or not prospective book buyers will recognize that reviewer as being ill informed and should therefore the old “consider the source” concept is taken into account before deciding against purchasing the book based on reviews.

    Hang in there Tess.

    Be yourself. I know you are a warm, compassionate, generous, funny, intelligent woman with tremendous integrity.

    Remember the famous words from Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”



  10. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Tess, this is so unfair. I understand how you feel, though. I am also considering closing my blog. In many ways this makes me feel sad and a bit lonely, but I am tired of being shamed or attacked for my opinions. That’s not to say that I don’t have many supporters. I do have them, but you’d think I was some kind of criminal the way certain types of people have periodically showed up to chastise me or to try to convince me that I am wrong when my ‘opinions’ are really nothing more than my very own feelings about the events of my life and how I have been effected by them! It just makes me not want to share. Or maybe not publicly, which is a shame because many oppressed and silenced people write to me and tell me they have been helped by my writing. Even so, it is hard to get those who would silence me out of my head. Sometimes I even worry that they are right and I should try not to feel my feelings if they are ‘negative’ ones. I’m not sure that is a healthy course of action, but I don’t know what to do any more. I guess you and I will both do whatever we decide is in our own best interest. It’s all we can do. If you do stop blogging, thank you for having shared some of yourself here. You are a beautiful, honest, and fun lady and it’s been a real pleasure to get to know a bit about you as a person. I have found nothing offensive on your blog. I have enjoyed it.

    I think one of the many reasons I started my blog was because I became alienated and dissatisfied with writing fiction. I discovered disowned bits of myself in those stories. I was hiding in there. I found a clearer voice, but to tell the tale without the art of fiction does not seem to be socially acceptable because I can’t tell it without the feelings and telling the feelings is what leaves me open for attack. At least if I went back to fiction, my feelings would be there and I could give certain feelings to characters who only an ogre would chastise. Give them to someone like that instead of a real person like me. I can make the would-be rock-throwers actually share these feelings in this way. Then they would not be able to stone me wihout stoning themselves as well. Maybe it is time for me to return to that way of expression. I guess I will do the best that I can to be true to myself. Whatever your choice is about your blog, I hope your decision will have you true to yourself and still able to act inside your own integrity.

    I have felt a bond with you reading here. Thank you, Tess, and please take good and gentle care of yourself. You deserve nothing less than that.

  11. M.Christie
    M.Christie says:

    Walking away from a fight is often the wisest course of action, especially when there can be no winner. Tess has a book to finish, and surely doesn’t need this sort of pressure right now. I will see this as a lesson in human behavior and call it a day. Hopefully, we will all be back later with more positive things to report.

  12. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Very true. I apologize. Tess definitely has a book to finish because it is going to be awesome!

  13. darik
    darik says:

    For some reason I got an impression that the reason Tess is leaving is not because of DA comments but because she is tired of having people’s anger directed at her for no good reason. Anyone who has red this site even sporadicly, knows that Tess has received her share of bad reviews and comments, and so far she has only told us about “wild” ones. I went over to DA comment section and I’m just flabbergasted that they believe that Tess is closing because of them!!! Like someone said before, their comments could be a final straw, but definitely not a reason? I think they give themselves too much credit.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  14. Lorra Laven
    Lorra Laven says:

    Just an observation here: There have been some really ugly food fights over at Kristin Nelson’s blog, one recently where really, really ugly comments were posted about Kristin. This particular exchange went on all weekend.

    And you know what Kristin did? She remained absolutely silent – almost as if she wasn’t reading them – then put up a new post on Monday, going on bithely as if nothing had happened.

    I know her approach works with husbands: give them the silent treatment when they’ve been thoughtless, then, after a good night’s sleep, get back to normal. They get the point and your cardiovascular system comes out of the “battle” with a little less damage.

    Just my two worthless cents.

  15. JD Rhoades
    JD Rhoades says:

    GF10: sorry, just trying to add a little levity to break the tension. Obviously, it didn’t work. We RFM’s have to stick together. I’ve ordered the funny hats and the little red and gold vests for all of us. Should be here in a week or so.

  16. BernardL
    BernardL says:

    Sorry if this is simplistic, but stop reading Dear Author. Each time a Troll scores a hit, as in causing discomfort in their target, they multiply. Giving them the power to hurt you by changing what you do on the Internet simply invigorates them. You don’t have to fight them, Tess, you simply need to ignore their existence.

  17. Tess
    Tess says:

    I just left a post over at DA. I’m tired of the whole thing. Here’s how it escalated:
    — I write a post that offends people at DA.
    — They express their anger at the post
    — I admit that I’m hurt by the comments and decide to stop blogging.
    — They’re now criticizing me for ending the blog.

    So I don’t think there’s anything I can do to not catch flak. Really, I just want to go away.

  18. Dan Williams
    Dan Williams says:

    Tess, you are doing fine. It is normal to go through the emotions you are feeling when under attack. It’s okay to feel down and low and like you can’t fight back, and like you’re not a fighter. But these feelings only last a little way. Then you feel better, you find you have more to say, because you are a creative, loving person and highly talented. So this is a defining psychological moment for you. Do you give up? Or do you shrug it off and carry on with your work? Do the critics destroy you inwardly and socially? Or do you say you learned you lesson, laugh, promise never to do it again, and then carry on?

    Even Tiger Woods was heavily criticized for saying he might have a perfect season. He said he learned his leason not to speculate in this way. That’s all it is, a learning experience. So don’t let any critic get your down. They are entitled to their own opinion and you can always reply.

    So, enough said. Now you go on with a new post on a different subject, and watch as your friends gather round and support you.
    You must go on blogging.


  19. holly y
    holly y says:

    Tess, Like most folks here, I found your blog, became a fan, kept reading the blog, learned from it, enjoyed it and its community. This current public fighting may be what keeps many authors from seriously publishing. Who wants to be part of this kind of thing? Anyway, you’re a dang good storyteller, go forth and tell tales. I’ll miss the blog, but not the books. Thanks for your work. Holly Y

  20. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Yeah JD I’m mad at the whole situation. I didn’t mean to be rude I just misinterpreted your post. Yeah, us monkeys need to stick together because some over at DA are just vicious. Nora doesn’t want to post over here but she wishes that Tess would take a while to smooth everything out and let it settle and grow chilly. I like her actually, she’s very nice, but I digress. I got ugly over at DA because they were being rude to Tess, so naturally I would be upset seeing as how I’ve been reading her novels for many years. It’s really getting childish though and I’m going to stop posting at DA and not get into it with Ann anymore because she’s mean. But I may run over to the nearest bookstore and look up JD Rhoades though….always interested in reading someone’s novels I haven’t read before! Come back in a few days Tess, you’ll miss us you know you will 😉

  21. Doug Riddle
    Doug Riddle says:

    So, does anyone think all this spring rain is going to hurt the rhubarb crop this year?

    (sometimes just changing the subject works wonders…..especially with husbands….since most of the time we don’t recognize don’t the silent treatment for what it is…lol…we just think we did something right and there is nothing to complain about.)

  22. Doug Riddle
    Doug Riddle says:

    Red Wings won, Tigers lost again, Pistons are doing ok and the Lions aren’t playing, and it is going to be 70 degrees….springtime in Michigan.

  23. Hope
    Hope says:


    I met you at RWA Conference several times. I’ll hang out with you.

    In the past few weeks I watched the worst of the romance world on dearauthor.com. I’ve decided blogs have no place in a civilized society when they allow anonmynous postings. They become an instrument of terror and strip away essential free speech rights.

  24. Lorra Laven
    Lorra Laven says:

    …..especially with husbands….since most of the time we don’t recognize don’t the silent treatment for what it is…lol…we just think we did something right and there is nothing to complain about.)

    So THAT explains a lot! And here I thought you guys were all just slow learners. Argh!

  25. Gennita Low
    Gennita Low says:


    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a couple of years now. Please do reconsider your decision. I’ve enjoyed many of your past insights about publishing and life as a bestselling author and I think the many links to your blog from others show that you have many readers and writers who have thought the same. Every great blog leaves a distinctive internet “footprint,” and yours will be missed.

  26. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    Who gives a flying you know what about DA! You have a great following and THAT should show those *%^$#&@&* who the true and most highly respected author is here. The hell with them. If for some reson you do stop blogging, well, all I can say is that it’s a dark day here on Earth. Your most faithful fans know the truth, read the truth, and respect the truth, which is all I’ve ever read coming out of your posts.
    For now I will just say, in the words of that great comedian Red Skelton: “Good Night, and may God Bless.” We love you, Tess!

  27. saetter
    saetter says:

    Late to the party.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, Tess. And even though I came only as an aspiring writer looking for insight into the profession, I became a reader as well.

    I hope you decide to continue this blog. I’ve found it helpful, inspiring, and very informative. Nothing I’ve ever read here should cause you to be ashamed.


  28. M.Christie
    M.Christie says:

    Changing the subject again. Tess did such an incredible job with GRAVITY that I often wish she would try writing another out-of-series book. Perhaps one influenced by her love of archeology? I know that can be a dangerous move for an author, but I’m not so picky about switching genres. It’s the quality of the writing that counts.

    And hey, I can’t use the silent treatment on my husband. He’s from Glasgow and just turns into even more of a smarta**. LOL! He’s lucky to be so funny.

  29. Jill Sorenson
    Jill Sorenson says:

    I never thought your comments were offensive or inappropriate, and I said so at DA, but I’ve tried to see this from the other perspective. The uproar over Highland Press and Amazon has got emotions running high over there, and the DA bloggers are a passionate bunch. I know cuz I fly my monkey over there often (kidding). Anyway, when you said the situation was bizarre enough for black comedy, some of the bloggers may have assumed that you think their REACTION to the mess is also comical and ridiculous.

    As for Jane, I think she had a strong reaction to the words “illiterate slut.” She may have felt as though you were calling all reader/reviewers, or even her specifically, by that name.

    Again, I found none of what you said offensive, but I’m an author, not a reviewer. Please don’t stop blogging if you enjoy it. I appreciated your honesty and I like dark humor.

    Sorry if this seemed unsupportive. I love your books.

    Jill Sorenson

  30. Tess
    Tess says:

    thanks for dropping by. OMG, I certainly hope no one thought my word play on that old Dan Akroyd/ Jane Curtin Saturday Night Live skit (“Jane, you ignorant slut!”) referred to any actual person. That’s the problem with using cultural references. Not everyone gets them. (Or, alas, is old enough to get them.) Am I the only one old enough to remember the skit? I am? That’s truly depressing.
    Another example of how my humor went whizzing past a lot of people and just ended up offending.

  31. littledodd
    littledodd says:

    I have just found this blog/website as a fan of Tess’ books – I have to say, ignorance is bliss where these seemingly misunderstood blogs are concerned…I haven’t read them and don’t intend to. I don’t care what Tess has blogged anywhere, it won’t change my mind about her writing.

    Tess, I love reading your stories, esp the Maura and Jane books! As long as your writing continues, and absorbs and entertains me the way it has so far, blog or don’t blog whatever you like!! 🙂

    As a writer, an aspect of yourself will always be exposed for criticism and praise alike. As a human being, posting feelings on a blog, you do the same. We all do. You can’t please everyone!! Don’t try to either, else you’ll end up somewhere between confusion and exhaustion before you know it.

    Looking forward to the next book already,


  32. Jill Sorenson
    Jill Sorenson says:

    Haha. I didn’t really get it until now, either, and I’ve seen that skit (on some “best of” footage–sorry!).

  33. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Well at least she’s [Dr. G] a little more lighthearted this evening…oh and by the way I just wanted to let everyone know that my mom had surgery this morning and is doing fine now (she had gastric bypass) Down here in good old New Orleans. Just fyi!

  34. Craig
    Craig says:

    Again, the “Jane You Ignorant Slut” skit was a takeoff of James Kilpatrick and Shana Alexander who had Andy Rooney’s spot on 60 Minutes until they got the big head and demanded more money. Shana (sp?) was the compassionate liberal and James was the snooty patronizing conservative who pretty much treated Shana, as I recall, as a child, very very patronizing. On another note I am totally outraged that we were referred to as “flying monkeys.” I see no reason to drag Oz into this. Tess, love you dearly and, whether you blog again or not, next fall, when your next book comes out, you’ll get an e-mail from me letting you know how it’s doing in Okieland.
    Best, Craig

  35. Tess
    Tess says:

    GF10: I’m so glad to hear your mom’s surgery went okay! Give her my regards.

    Kyle: Thanks. That makes me feel SO much better.

    And Craig: I’ve now added a SNL Wikipedia link to my post that used “illiterate slut” just so people who didn’t get it will now (hopefully) get it. But they’ll still probably not find it funny.

  36. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    Thanks Tess, all this stuff has actually kept my mind occupied while she’s been in the hospital (we’re still here but it’s helped) because I could read all the craziness and the craziness that’s going on with me right now doesn’t seem so crazy at all haha. Yeah well I had the same surgery about 6 weeks ago and I’m doing great, but thanks!!

  37. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    I’m sorry, if you don’t want to call me GF 10 anymore my name is really Lance, I don’t know why I picked that screen name when I signed up for Tess’ blog…just seemed appropriate somehow haha…and thanks!

  38. WJS
    WJS says:

    Tess and everyone else,

    Yes I did read every comment in this post, every fifty-five ones. I would like to point out that I never ever visited DA website and don’t plan to go over there.

    Another interesting observation point I like to tad a bit. . . This incident happened have brought everyone of you and Tess closer together, creating more mutual bondings than ever. That would be most positive thing have happened, and perhaps a good thing!

    Tess, I have a feeling that you will let this thing die down and come back to post again on interesting topics. I have been on the Internet for years, forsaw every possible dramas you can imagine.

    Feel free to ask me anything or some helpful coaching as you take on this internet adventure. This incident is just another history repeating again as I have seen it before elsewhere.

    Your friend,
    Josh Simpson

  39. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    I was actually at a SNL taping (3/19/79) at NBC Studios (better known as 30 Rock) and watched the skit of “ignorant slut.” It was one of the funniest slits that I still remember to this day. If you’d like to read the transcript of this show, just cut and paste this link http://snltranscripts.jt.org/78/78oupdate.phtml
    and have a great time.
    Thanks for bringing back a memory, Tess, and you’re not old, just well preserved. Old is that mummy you saw having a CAT Scan.

  40. helenwriter
    helenwriter says:

    Hi Tess,
    As an unpublished writer working to make that first sale I just want to say it’s been a privilege to have the benefit of your expertise on this blog and a true loss to hear that you are signing off. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Toronto years ago when you spoke to the Toronto Romance Writers group. I was impressed then, and I’m impressed now. You are a class act. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

  41. therese
    therese says:

    Wow. I spend a week in my writing cave taking only time for family stuff – and – what happened? Actually I don’t really need to know, or spend time reading or following threads about he-said, she-said.

    No one wins a volley of words, it’s always better to choose a physical contact sport.

    I’m a bit sad. I have weeded through so many blogs and forums and this is one of the few I’ve bookmarked. I’ve printed off Tess’s posts to save as gems. I’d hate to see it end. I’ll keep checking, just in case the flurry ends and the blogging resumes.

    Thanks for so much awesome information about writing and publishing Tess. If you do decide to stop blogging, I’ll still buy your books.

    Of course, being a target of so much flurry means you’ve made the big time. 🙂

  42. wendy roberts
    wendy roberts says:

    OMG I go off for eye surgery and return to find all HELL has broken loose! I won’t go to DA and read about the hullabaloo. I do want you to know that if you shut down your blog I’ll miss it terribly but I’ll understand. Hugs for all this crap!!!

    Oh and anyone who does NOT get “Jane, you ignorant slut” has definitely missed out LOL!!

  43. GerritsenFever10
    GerritsenFever10 says:

    It really does, I was just supplying my real name in case you wanted to know it haha. Oh, and I relayed your message to my mom and she came out of her drug-induced stupor to exclaim vehemently “REALLLLYYY???!!! That is SOOO sweet” and I had the distinct pleasure of telling her yes, Tess Gerritsen actually said that. So thank you very much, you made my mother quite happy for a few moments haha (she’s on a Dilaudid PCA pump….quite out of it mostly)

  44. jaq
    jaq says:

    I’ll have to echo a few others before me. Just ignore DA, don’t go over there. If you had an ulcer, you’d stop eating spicy foods wouldn’t you.

    I’d like to reiterate that I think you run one of the best author blogs on the web. In terms of writerly advice, online conduct, and honesty, I’d put you right up there with John Scalzi.

  45. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    Tess, I have been a lurker here for years, and have learned much of “the unvarnished truth about what it’s like to be a novelist these days.” You have introduced us to other creatives, informed us, made us laugh. The “illiterate slut” line is hysterical– I got it immediately, which dates me and my black humor.

    You have never tried to sugar coat what the process is like for you, and what we can expect if we have the complete lack of sanity to try to make it in this business. I appreciate the time and effort you take with this blog, and I am truly sorry that you are closing it.

    I will still consider you a “virtual mentor” and hope that you will update your site with future stories and insights, or better yet, ignore the criticism and keep the blog going.

  46. Graham Powell
    Graham Powell says:

    Tess, we hope you don’t close the blog, but understand if you do. You have a life and a career, and have better things to do than to get into arguments on the Internet. We’ll miss you more than we’ll miss your detractors; unfortunately you’re going and they’re not.

  47. SandraJ
    SandraJ says:

    I’ve been a long-time viewer of your blog, and I’ve always been interested in what you have had to say about the world of writing. The original article that started this whole mess was one I found quite entertaining, and I saw the humour for what it was. Some people didn’t get it, but really, is everyone going to ‘get’ everything you write? Probably not. So don’t sweat it.

    It was the negtive responses you received that finally drove me to obtain a password in order for me to join in the fracas. So here goes…

    Negative reviews? Even though they will cut you to the core (because you are human and most humans actually care what others think of them), try your best to dismiss them. Read them, fume over them, cry over them – and then put them aside. There will always be someone, somewhere, who will not like your story or your writing. Your job is to keep writing for those who love your writing. And judging from the members on this blog, there are quite a few of us out there.

    Writing is a passion, and you wrote that you care deeply about your characters, especially after investing an incredible amount of time into each one. This is what really sets your work aside, and what has created a solid fan base. There are those of us out here who know what a labour of love writing is, and we support you in all your successes.

    I try to keep it in perspective. A negative review is only worth fretting over if it contains constructive critisism, something solid to work on for the next time. Those reviews are worth reading and taking notes on. Gotta keep the reader’s happy, right?

    The negative review where the reviewer only slams your writing, without offering any solid critique base, is a waste of time and should be disregarded. Any reviewer, serious about giving a GOOD review (and I really have to stress this point), will sit back and analyze why the piece didn’t work for them before putting those emotions into a beneficial review that offers some feedback. That is what I have always done, and it is something I think a reviewer owes the writer.

    To end this, what’s that saying? “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    You can still give a constructive review even if you thought the writer’s piece was horrible, even if all you say, “Not for me.” Most writer’s should be able to read between those lines. If they can’t, then perhaps they are taking themselves a bit too seriously.

    As for your blog and your writing? I’d really like to see you keep at it, because you offer such an incredible insight to a writers life.

    There will always be naysayers and those you simply cannot impress – forget about them. Some people thrive on controvery and conflict. You said you cannot bear to be involved in conflict, and I don’t blame you. So try your best to ignore them (I know, I know – easier said than done). You have a great number of fans out here, and a great number of people who love and respect your writing. Don’t forget that. Even if you decide to stop blogging (I gasp at the thought, but there was a shadow of this in recent posts), don’t forget that.

  48. mchastain
    mchastain says:

    Tess – Nora was my grandma’s favorite author. Grandma also had a knack of messing up words and she always called her Norma Roberts. Useless info I know, but I knew you’d like it!

    Please stick around!! And stop going to DA!! Stick with your blog and us! We appreciate and love you!

  49. toni99
    toni99 says:

    Hi Tess,

    It’s very sad to know that you will stop blogging. . . I hope you will change your mind. But I understand you. Good luck Tess!

  50. Ann-Marie
    Ann-Marie says:

    Wow, all that stuff really sucks.

    Though, honestly, if you want to blog online you’re just going to have to suffer the trolls.

    Don’t stopping blogging because of them, ‘kay?

  51. Let Me Entertain You
    Let Me Entertain You says:

    I don’t like bashing. I think most of the time when someone is bashing another, they are just being honest. They are saying what they think needs to be said based on their experience. However, the bashing subject is mostly related to how others view the one bashing. I say, just see everything as meaninless and let the bashing go on. Just know that maybe the one bashing needs to vent.

  52. Daithi
    Daithi says:

    My first post here:
    I have mixed feelings about Tess taking a break from blogging. I miss seeing her comments and learning her thoughts. She writes really great books of the the type I love to read. However, I am also greedy and cannot wait for her next novel and the next adventure of Rissoli and Isles and if the blog has become a distraction to her and her writing and is delaying her producing more wonderful books to read then I feel, “Tess, quit blogging and write more books”.

    I love Tess’s books, Cathy Reichs and Phil Rickman’s books. (Rickman is a British author who blends mystery with the paranormal, the “detective” is a female Anglican priest).

    Great website by the way, other than the fact that my name is Irish and it won’t let me show my name with “fada” accents where they belong.

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