Who is “Tess Gerrittsen”?

I was just alerted by a reader miffed by one of my comments over on Murderati. But I didn’t write it. It was signed as “Tess Gerrittsen,” which (if you’re alert enough to spot it) is clearly a misspelling.

It’s a reminder that the internet can be a confusing place indeed.

I’m off on my book tour Down Under. You can check on my schedule here.

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  1. Warrior
    Warrior says:

    Hi Tess, hi everybody.
    Well… people don’t have anything to do, do they?

    To log with a “look-like-name” on some forum? Are they 1d1ot5 or what?

    P.S. What happened to your hair? Why did you cut it? 🙂
    Please let it grow up :D:D:D

  2. Donthuis
    Donthuis says:

    Anyone with a rough knowledge of the Dutch language would know that Gerritsen is with a single t. The name is derived from “Gerrit’s zoon” or Gerrit’s son, a naming convention often used in Western Europe before the Napoleontic times. Sons were named after their father and a similar convention in the Nordic countries also produced many names ending on son.
    Are your ancestors indeed of Dutch origin (Dutch Indonesia included) or is it just a writers name you’ve once selected? The Rizolli and Isles names are of course fictional, but of Italian and British origin. Quite an interesting set of names… 😀 on

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