Watch our film Magnificent Beast

Many of you know about this fun and crazy project I’ve been working on for the past few years, a feature documentary film called Magnificent Beast I invite you to our first virtual screening event! For ten days you’ll have exclusive access to the very first showing of our film. The screening runs from February 12-21 and is viewable worldwide.

Also, please join me and my co-director for a Zoom Q&A on Sunday, February 21st, where we’ll answer all your burning questions.

Magnificent Beast is about the history of pigs and humans together. Why pigs? They’re intelligent. They’re the ultimate survivors. And since the dawn of humanity, they’ve had a complex relationship with us as food, as foe, and even as friend. Our relationship with pigs is so fraught that some cultures forbid pork, and our film dives deeply into the ancient roots of that taboo.

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Cover reveal for my new book: CHOOSE ME

Coming in summer 2021: a sexy new thriller CHOOSE ME, written in collaboration with my old pal Gary Braver. It’s a story told from both a man’s and a woman’s points of view, and who better to tell that story than both a man and a woman?

In League with Sherlock Holmes

I’ve contributed a story “What My Father Never Told Me” to a collection of short stories called IN LEAGUE WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES. I had a fun time exploring the question: what if Professor Moriarty was the real hero? What if Conan Doyle got it all wrong?

“Magnificent Beast”

The poster for our just-completed feature documentary “Magnificent Beast,” about the ancient history of the pork taboo. We’re submitting to film festivals now! For more information about our film, visit our website:

Our “Pig” documentary now in post-production!

There are many ways to tell a story — around a campfire, on the page, and on the screen. A few years ago, my son Josh and I plunged into filmmaking with our first feature horror movie, “Island Zero.” Now we’ve almost completed our second feature film together, a documentary called “Pig.”

It was born some years ago while I was on vacation in Turkey during Ramadan. It was impossible to find bacon there, and I wondered why pork was a taboo food for so much of the world’s population. What are the historical roots of the pig as a forbidden animal?

In our hunt for the origins of the pig taboo, Josh and traveled across the U.S and abroad to Egypt and the UK to speak to archaeologists, religious scholars, pig farmers, and pig hunters. We were welcomed into the homes of pet pig owners and visited a pig sanctuary, where abandoned pet pigs can peacefully live out their lives. We delved into all the facets of this highly intelligent and complex animal — an animal with whom we humans have shared an uneasy relationship for thousands of years.


Coming to a Tube station in October!

Love my new UK transit ad for SHAPE OF NIGHT, coming to the UK October 3!

Strand Cinema Ghosts

Who is the angry woman whose ghost haunts the Spotlight Cinema at the Strand Theater?  Check out my latest video for some clues!

Haunted Maine: Fort Knox Ghosts

Maine is notorious for having many haunted places.  Join me as I explore Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine — a place that’s rumored to hide a ghost or two.

It’s All About Shame

My original title for THE SHAPE OF NIGHT was SHAME.  In this interview with “Bookish Indulgences”, you’ll learn why:


THE SHAPE OF NIGHT gets a starred review from Publishers Weekly!


The Shape of Night

Tess Gerritsen. Ballantine, $28 (288p) ISBN 978-1-9848-2095-2

“This supernatural thriller from bestseller Gerritsen (the Rizzoli and Isles series) ranks with the best of her crime fiction. Boston food writer Ava Colette travels to Tucker Cove, Maine, where she rents Brodie’s Watch, an old house on the coast once owned by a 19th-century sea captain, Jeremiah Brodie. Ava’s goal is to finish writing her latest cookbook there, but she’s also trying to escape a tragic past. Soon her nights are interrupted by visions of Jeremiah’s ghost, who appears to be as real as if he were a flesh and blood man. Meanwhile, she begins to wonder about a series of mysterious if apparently natural deaths in the town—and why the last renter left the house so abruptly. After learning more about the house’s history and its previous inhabitants, she consults a ghost hunter, whose team discovers some disturbing things about paranormal presences at Brodie’s Watch. The stakes rise when Ava figures out that a killer is on the loose who must be stopped. This magnetic haunted house story will keep readers riveted from the very first page.”  Agent: Meg Ruley, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (Oct.)

Reviewed on : 07/16/2019
Release date: 10/01/2019
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Ebook – 978-1-984820-96-9
MP3 CD – 978-1-72136-806-8
Compact Disc – 978-1-72136-804-4