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  1. tuttle
    tuttle says:

    Have you seen the film “A Stone Reader”?
    It’s the story of a fan of the book, The Stones of Summer” search for what ever happened to the author, Dow Mossman.

    A couple of times during the documentary a few people mentioned that writers tend to burn themselves out. (Mossman himself was in the hospital for a short time after finishing his one book)

    We should all try to balance as much rest we can in between the crazy hours we keep and family obligations

  2. koregonbeads
    koregonbeads says:

    Tess, burn out happens in so many professions that take part of you. Meaning…artist. I have been burned out but still burning for quite some time. I am a glass artist. I used to come up with “new” each time I would torch…it was so exciting, what was I going to create today. Then…I had to keep up with the demand for my work…so I would do remakes and that made things easier. I made them once, make a few more sets, bring in the money. I lost myself…my husband didn’t understand where I was coming from. He makes beads to…but not the same style…his are pure make em and sell em …bring in the money etc…he works a full time “regular” job. Well anyway…I am the one that wants to dazzle and bring new to my customer’s all the time. Keeping up is impossible…espeically when you work for yourself…your work is right there…the room you pass each time you walk down the hall. Understanding how someone can “take all that” and love you ….well…I figured it out…29 years…I just have to pick the times and give him my all 🙂

    ok, rambling here…a glass of wine and I think I might understand where your coming from LOL…which I can’t…being as successful as you are. In a little way I can…as I feel fairly successful as a glass bead artist.

    All I can say is…dang woman, the struggles are worth it…your books are a great read!

    PS: artistic people…many times think to much and try and understand…what can’t be undersood.

  3. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    Hard work DOES pay off. Just ask your reading public. Your NY-LI fan club is highly awaiting The Keepsake and we will have weekly book meetings.
    Congrats on finishing the book, and even though the worries have subsided but not fully dissipated, we got your back. We love ya!

  4. martykihn
    martykihn says:

    Tess – I think it’s fabulous you’re going to be devoting (almost all) your formidable talents to your books. Why should you give it away in a blog? People like me are more than happy to pay for the new TG. Happy 4th!

  5. therese
    therese says:

    Another great post about the writing life that hits home for many, as all the posts show, and for me too. Thanks for the tip about planning out the year according to your process. I like the school year as the prime writing focus and summer for refilling my storehouse of ideas with fun.

    Sometimes life is a wild roller coaster and good and bad, challenges and joys, are all research for the writer because without conflict and drama in the pages, who’d want to read our stories?

    Enjoy your time to party!

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