ICE COLD goes on sale today!

I’m having one of those “oh my god, now it starts” days. Because today, ICE COLD goes on sale across the U.S. Yes, it’s an occasion for celebration and giddiness that the new book will be in bookstores everywhere. But it also makes me want to crawl into a cave and not come out until it’s all over. I’ve gone through this many times before, and I know that in the weeks following a book’s release, an author rides a roller coaster of emotions. Moments of sheer joy that your book is out there. Worries whether those copies are selling.

But instead of writing a fret-filled post (I always seem to get into trouble whenever I write about author anxieties) I thought I’d blog about my trip to Hollywood instead.

(Sasha Alexander and me!)

You can read about it over on — photos included!

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  1. agrogan
    agrogan says:

    Congratulations, Tess! I can’t wait to dig into your new book! You are one of my favorite authors. I have had the “Ice Cold” release date on my calendar for months. I’m planning on cuddling up with my Kindle and downloading it tonight. Can’t wait!

  2. april
    april says:

    I preordered the book and downloaded it this morning on my nook. Nice author pic! Unfortunately, that’s all the time I had to view the book before I had to go to work, but I look forward to reading it soon. I have to remember to catch the tv show in a couple of weeks, too.

  3. bookwormedde
    bookwormedde says:

    OMG I just got back from Barnes & Noble! I went during my lunch break! I am sooooo excited cant wait to get home and read it. Cant wait for you to come to Houston for your book signing. I’m bringing my copy cant wait to meet you, I love your work!

  4. Lino
    Lino says:

    I’ve already read it :). I simply wonder why the European version was available a week earlier. Got it last Wednesday and finished Wednesday night.

  5. t2intense
    t2intense says:

    I cant wait for tomorrow! I am in the audience for the preview at Fanuiel Hall in Boston!! And I get to meet you and get a book signed! Can you tell I am excited? My sisters and I will be there amidst all the excitement! All the best to you!

  6. DebPiccurelli
    DebPiccurelli says:

    I ran out first thing this morning and bought two copies. A friend and I will be at the advance screening for Rizzoli & Isles on Thursday night in Philly. Can’t wait to meet you!

  7. Ronna
    Ronna says:

    Tess, it was wonderful seeing you in Camden tonight. Congratulations on your new release and on your TNT series. I can’t wait to watch it. I’m building up quite a collection of your books, most of them autographed. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  8. sean
    sean says:

    Tess, I picked mine up last night, and I’m planning on reading it during my weekend in Maine at my Grandmother-In-Law’s house in Tenant’s Harbor (Martinsville/Port Clyde area). Can’t wait.

  9. Libitina
    Libitina says:

    I absolutely loved the book! Definitely one of my favorites! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. 6798maria
    6798maria says:

    I have to say that this is the best Rizzoli & Isles book (in my opinion)to date. I read it in one day, I went home early from work (faked a headache) just to read this book.

  11. Lino
    Lino says:

    I also read it in one day, and I liked it, but I have to say that liked all the Isles/Rizzoli books. And I have to admit that it reminded me too much of other books of the series, as some plots were to a certain extent similar to what I’ve read in other books (Body Double and The Sinner).

    Nevertheless I’m looking forward to reading all the other books of the series to come. I’m addicted to Tess 🙂

  12. deenal1
    deenal1 says:

    I finished reading Ice Cold in 2 days . I loved it. Thank You Tess for your wondeful books. I can’t wait to learn more about Mr.Sansone I like his character.
    I have read every Isles/Rizzoli book and cant wait to read more.

  13. wy82331
    wy82331 says:

    Just finished reading your new super book. Great, I enjoyed it very much. I like that you stepped out of the office , so to speak, and took a trip to Wyoming with some folks. I live in Wyoming and I think you drew a picture of the mountains, the snow , the wind all that makes winters dangerous. You did a good job of the people, some of them , as well. I am glad you had the nerve to step outside the office, as I said, and I think it is a huge success. I also had the same week the pleasure of watching the new tv show. I thought it was great and will watch it all.
    Did I notice an opening for your next novel at the end of Ice Cold? Hope so , I hope your as high as all the readers of your book and the fans of the tv show.

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