I’m headed to the UK

Leaving tonight for my UK book tour. For details of where I’ll be, check my “events” page!

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  1. techiebabe
    techiebabe says:

    Have a good trip! You’re not coming anywhere near me but I hope it all goes well.

    How much of each different place do you get to see? Do you get to appreciate that character of each town or city or are you just rushing through?

  2. berky
    berky says:

    Stay home Tess and write another book ….Travel should come when your’e 70…lol…loving ‘The Killing Place’…up to chapter 14 at present…your’e a bloody great Author…don’t break that pencil…have a safe trip

  3. evelyngalloway
    evelyngalloway says:

    I am just so excited. I have tickets for Essex. I will be along after work in London with my friend who is an aspiring author. I just love your books. Have read every one. Hoping to purchase a signed book. This will be such an interesting evening I know. Thank you for travelling such a very long way.

  4. IServeTheCat
    IServeTheCat says:

    How much control do you have over the TV show? I really wanted to like it, because I LOVE your books so much. But last week’s cat fight between Maura and Jane would put 12 year old girls to shame. I can’t imagine for a second that they got your approval before putting that garbage in.

    I am sad to say I am done with the show. It has gotten progressively stupider each episode. I am so sorry they have done that to your characters. I can’t begin to imagine how frustrating it must be for you, as their creator.

    If you have ANY creative input on the show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them to read your books and get a clue. Your characters are so much more intelligent, interesting, and unique than their TV counterparts. (Not to mention, you haven’t plagiarized Kathy Reichs- EVER. Why is it ok for the TV show people to poorly clone Temperence Brennan?)

  5. evelyngalloway
    evelyngalloway says:

    I went to Tess’s book signing at the Library in Rainham last night. I was so excited.

    A very confident, informative talk was given by Tess. So interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

    WONDERFUL to see Tess Gerritsen and to hear her speak and explain her plots.

    Thank you Tess for signing my book. Must admit I was totally in awe.

  6. bondsa
    bondsa says:

    Hello Tess, Looking forward to getting stuck into reading your latest book and can’t wait to watch the pilot of the series. It was very nice to meet you on sunday at the Southport Flower Show,uk. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Southport and the show.

    many thanks


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