“Island Zero” Reviews are In!

Screeners went out to two dozen horror film reviewers and the early reviews are back.  As a debut horror film writer/producer, working with a very limited budget, a large cast, the complex topic of climate change, and — yes — a sea monster, I’m thrilled that “Island Zero” is getting a nice reception. And especially thrilled that our “rock-solid” cast (Laila Robins, Adam Wade McLaughlin, Teri Reeves, Matthew Wilkas, Elaine Landry, and Annabel Graetz) is getting such praise!


“One of the best combinations of horror and science fiction this year, and it’s a supreme mix of old school creature feature elements and modern action-thriller troupes.” – MGDSQUAN, Horrorsociety.com


“A spectacular job … It’s a well-paced bit of frightening fun and well worth a view.  Rating: 9.2 / 10.” — Tara Cuvelier, Geekisiphere


ISLAND ZERO is the Fun, Low-Budget Creature Film We’ve Been Waiting For… while it has its budget-related faults, (it) does more with less than many of the high-dollar monster outings we have seen in the past. Do yourself a favor and check it out.”–  Tyler Liston, Nightmare on Film Street


“ISLAND ZERO represents the best kind of throwback horror — it displays plucky indie resourcefulness at every turn… just pass the popcorn and the shotgun, sit back, and enjoy.”

— Peter Gutierrez, DailyGrindhouse.com


“Director Josh Gerritsen and Writer Tess Gerritsen … can both pat themselves on the back for doing what few horror movies can incite in a viewer, much less a reviewer- the kind of terror that drives us to barricading the doors and crying to our parents.” — Muertana, Sinful Celluloid


“With plenty of intense situations, a blood inducing action, Island Zero stands out and rises above mere genre convention. As a plus, the strong cast, grounded writing and a piercing score contribute mightily in boosting the thrills and chills.”  — Rick Rice, MXDWN.com reviews


“Director Josh Gerritsen delivers a fun, well-crafted creature feature in the independent offering Island Zero, a made-in-Maine movie that is destined to surprise viewers. Though elements of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and 1950s monster movies are evident, the film builds a dread-filled world all its own…It’s a taut suspenser that creature-feature fans should find to be a fantastic discovery.”

— Joseph Perry, Ghastly Grinning


“Truly, the writing is where this film excels. There is a natural twist in the second half that you don’t see coming, the characters are for the most part well delineated and three dimensional, and the foggy atmosphere of the fishing island where the action takes place gives an eerie quality to all the proceedings.”

–Holly Interlandi, Famous Monsters of Filmland


“ISLAND ZERO may not have the biggest budget in history and may also be a throwback to the creature-features of the 70s and 80s, but it does deliver. Something else that it does – and does well – is reflect an anxious contemporary society’s fears about a myriad of things including isolation, the exhaustion of natural resources and governmental disregard for the individual.”

— Maria Olsen, Scare Tissue


“Providing a good amount of scares and unsettling tension, Island Zero is a well-paced and strongly developed low-budget horror. Making great use of its Maine location and local scenery, this homegrown film punches well above its weight to deliver a tense and smart thriller.”

— Robert W Monk, Flickering Myth


“Island Zero is cleverly written and the direction is flawless.  Josh Gerritsen does a great job keeping the film moving at a steady pace while building on the atmosphere and mood as it moves along. This is a scary and thrilling horror, a gem of an indie.”      — Patrick Ricketts, Video Views


“Island Zero has a lot going for it, including excellent writing and direction and some stellar performances, especially by Laila Robins as the local doctor, Maggie…As in the best of creature features, the creatures of “Island Zero,” in all their strangeness, push us beyond the boundaries of our known world.”

— Dawn Keetley, Horror Homeroom


“Island Zero” is a slow burn of a film.  It keeps the menace off-screen for most of the film while it builds up suspense bit by bit until the final act. Then it unleashes a few twists along with its creatures for a suitably tense finale.”  — Jim Morazzini, Voices From The Balcony


“Punching well above its weight, this is a film unashamed of its own smallness and willing to take risks in service of the story. It’s a fantastic calling card for the Gerritsens, and genre fans may find themselves enjoying it a great deal.”  — Jennie Kemode, Eye for Film (UK)


“A fun ride, with rounded characters to root for and a well-structured script that leads to a gratifyingly credible denouement.”  — William Cutshaw, Forces of Geek


 “Adding to the strength of the picture are rock-solid acting, a nice slow-burn storyline fraught with mounting tension as the isolation begins playing on an ever more desperate populace.”   – Dan XIII, Horrorfuel.com


“A fun creature feature… it hits the marks it needs to and keeps everything entertaining for the audience.” —  Darren Lucas, Moviesreview101.com


Island Zero is reminiscent of a lost film you’d see late at night flicking through channels, it brings a 70s type feel with it (despite not being a 70s set film) and whilst you may think that I am deriding the film for this, in fact it is the opposite – I kind of fell in love with the style, the film just had me with its low budget charm and it is an indie film through and through.” – Ryan Morrissey-Smith , HaddonfieldHorror.com


“Josh and Tess Gerritsen have focused on building their atmosphere of dread rather than on bombastic, balls-out horror and spectacle, and this makes all the difference.  While it has the vibe of an 80s Carpenter flick, it also manages to define its own personality, which makes it stand out from other mid-to-low budget fright flicks.” – Ernesto Zelaya Minano, SCREENARCHY


“Island Zero works because on a basic level, it is a story about people.  Certainly there are monsters and enough gore to satiate the appetite of gorehound viewers, but as with every story of its kind, the island can be saved only when islander and outsider work together. That’s why these stories are so effective, and Gerritsen ultimately proves that he has what it takes to tell this kind of story which bodes well for whatever his next project may be.” – Waylon Jordon, IHORROR





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