KEEPING THE DEAD now on sale in paperback

This week, the paperback edition of KEEPING THE DEAD goes on sale in the UK

The U.S. paperback of THE KEEPSAKE (same book, different title) goes on sale in the U.S. on August 25.

If you missed the hardcover, here’s another chance to read the tale!

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  1. joan cimyotte
    joan cimyotte says:

    Hi Tess! I can’t decide which book I should conquer next, I just finished “The Bone Garden” and I’m afraid it left me a little stunned. The images linger like the smell from Norris’ clothing. I loved that the story at the end dabbled in reincarnation or the common ancestor theory. Perhaps I should look to “The Keepsake”

  2. Abe
    Abe says:

    Hi Tess,

    Congrats on the release of the PB versions of your books. Whatever happened to the movie rights?


    Yes, definitely read The Keepsake. You’ll be amazed at what Tess does in this book.

  3. bbarrett
    bbarrett says:

    Picked up “Bone Garden” at airport last year while traveling home and was hooked.
    Just finished “Keepsake” last week and decided to go back to the beginning of your books. Started “Harvest” but after looking at internet, it appears it it not the first.
    Being from Southern NH, I love all the Boston and New England locations being used in the stories. Keep up the great work.

  4. caite
    caite says:

    Oh, how disappointing! For a second, I thought I had somehow missed one of your books and I could run out and get it. But no, just a different title to one I have already read and loved.

    How sad… 😉

  5. MLowryRN
    MLowryRN says:

    When is your next book coming out? I have already read all the others and am anxiously awaiting your next book. Please update your faithful fans!

  6. Tess
    Tess says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments! Aren’t the cover designs different?

    As for my next book, I had to take off quite a bit of time to relocate my mom to Maine, and that was so emotionally exhausting I couldn’t write. But I’m back on track now, and the next Jane and Maura story will be out sometime in 2010. Thanks for asking!

  7. Oya Canli
    Oya Canli says:

    Hello dear Tess;

    I finished reading Vanish and I must say I am really very impressed. Surgeon, Apprentice, Sinner, Body Double were incredible too. Now I have Mephisto Club and I don’t want to read it right now, I ordered Keepsake and when I receive it, I will start Mephisto. Bu I’ve already missed Rizzoli/Isles. BTW you have lots of Turkish fans, I am from Turkey and we love you. I’m thinking of which female writer was my favourite but I am not sure, I have always impressed by male writers, but now you are my favourite female writer:) Thanks for your beautiful books. They scared the hell out of me 🙂

    Take care.

  8. teesdale
    teesdale says:

    Loved Keeping the Dead, my favourite so far but that could be something to do with getting to know Rizzoli and Isles so well! Thanks for all the great entertainment your books have given my friends and I. More please.
    Kind reguards N.

  9. melsin
    melsin says:

    i am from Australia, and was wondering whether that keeping the dead is the version of the keepsake over here. i have read most of your books and find you fantastic i must admit i was not much of a reader until i read your book vanish and from then i have become hooked. i have nearly all your books i think there maybe 3 i haven’t got but are on the mission to find them. i can not wait for your next book to be released.
    you are a fantastic author.
    cheers M.

  10. Lisadbass
    Lisadbass says:

    I bought “The Keepsake” last Friday, and had finished by Sunday; LOVE the book. This was my first Tess Gerritsen book, and I am on the hunt for more books from this great author! Keep them coming, Tess!

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