Keeping the Dead one of the “50 best of the year”

The London Times just released its “Fifty best paperbacks of 2009.” KEEPING THE DEAD (the UK title for THE KEEPSAKE) makes the list!

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  1. manon
    manon says:

    I bought the book in London ( whas on a holiday there )
    And the story is great again..
    I have read all of you books and all book great!!


  2. manon
    manon says:

    O yeah,i know you’r coming to the netherlands and i whan’t you signature
    in my book..
    It looks good in my tess collection..;-))

  3. Iona
    Iona says:

    Hi Tess,

    Congratulations for being in the Top 50! I just bought the book here in Finland. (In English, ’cause I don’t like to read translated books, the authors style and word choice get lost in the translation and just that is what makes a book special!)

    I’m about 1/4 into the book now. It’s great, I can’t put it down! Same happened with The Bone Garden, the very first book I read by you. Read it in a few days. You kept the reader interested from the first page, and kept them guessing ’til the last. Awesome!
    You’re in my top 3 of favorite writers now! 🙂

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