Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? If you’re a man, it may indicate you’re more prone to depression.

The same genes control the prenatal development of fingers and gonads. Long fingers in men seem to indicate exposure to high fetal testosterone levels. Since high prenatal testosterone may predispose men to psychological ailments, a biologist at the University of Liverpool measured finger lengths and screened for depression. The men with the shortest ring fingers were least likely to be depressed.

No such correlation was found in women.

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  1. Cheesa
    Cheesa says:

    Hmmm, my husband’s ring finger is longer & he’s the most NOT depressed person I know. It’s almost annoying how happy he is. But I guess that reflects well for me.

  2. maatlockk
    maatlockk says:

    interesting…my beau has longer ring fingers and he did tell me that he had severe depression when he was with his ex…. poor guy.

    sucks having to go through these things. its depressing being depressed.

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