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  1. tuttle
    tuttle says:

    I think Book Trailers are (while still in their infancy) excellant tools for letting readers know about upcoming books.

    It would be nice if all the big publishers get together and set up TV’s in bookstores that run a continuously looped DVD of maybe thirty of the hottest upcoming books.(Rotating the DVD every month for new titles) —(Though the store clerks won’t like the idea much ha ha ha)

    And I doubt it’s a bad idea…Stephen King’s publisher spent some big bucks on the ongoing media event, “N”.
    This is the final week of the multi-week story. Readers can also read the text version in the upcoming Just After Sunset short story collection.

    Simon and Schuster should get extra milage from the little film in November when they sell a special edition book that will be sold WITH the DVD as well.

    Either way…good luck with sales.

  2. Kenny Overman
    Kenny Overman says:

    Tuttle made an excellent point with the DVDs in the bookstores. In a bookstore, some covers or titles catch peoples eye. Why not a clip of a video. If i was walking through a book store and i saw a woman standing next to some shrunken heads i’d want to know more! Good luck with the sales. The Keepsake isn’t out til beginning of next year in England 🙁 Oh well, time to get Thomas Harris out.

  3. IServeTheCat
    IServeTheCat says:

    Don’t you guys get BookTV? I don’t have cable, but my fiance’s dad watches it all the time. I’d love to see more book trailers!

    I am still waiting for the Isles/Rizzoli TV show! I’m sure dozens of your readers would be happy for a chance to try adapting your work to screenplay format.

  4. rizzolifan23
    rizzolifan23 says:

    tuttle thats a great idea!!!!!!
    IServeTheCat an Isles/Rizzoli TV show would be incredible. I’d watch it. SO would probably all fans. Deff. a valid idea

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