Bone Garden UK

September 2007
512 Pages
ISBN-10: 1101885297
ISBN-13: 978-1101885291

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The Bone Garden US

The Bone Garden (UK)

A gruesome secret is about to be unearthed…

“Julia Hamill is gardening one afternoon in rural Massachusetts when her spade strikes something soft and unyielding – not a rock but a human skull.

Medical examiner Maura Isles quickly determines that the skeleton – that of a woman – dates back to the early 1800s.‘But too much time has passed,’ Maura warns Julia. ‘We may never know the whole story of how she died.’

Boston in the 1830s is a place of disease and pestilence – and no one is more aware of this than Norris Marshall, a student at Harvard Medical School who is forced to support himself by performing the most secretive job of all.

Norris is a resurrectionist – a body-snatcher – who procures cadavers from grave robbers in order to further his study of human anatomy. Soon he finds himself hunting the most notorious killer of his time, a shadowy figure who flits through graveyards and glittering ballrooms.

What he does not realize is that the killer is far closer than he thinks …”