“Rizzoli & Isles” renewed for a third season!

The TV show has been picked up for another fifteen episodes next year:

TNT has booked its blockbuster series Rizzoli & Islesfor a third season. The record-breaking drama – from Warner Horizon Television and starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander – is in the midst of a terrific second season that has it running neck-and-neck with The Closer as this year’s top basic cable series. TNT has ordered 15 episodes of Rizzoli & Isles for its third season, which is slated to launch in summer 2012. The show’s second season will continue airing Monday nights at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) through Sept. 12. Rizzoli & Isles will return to wrap up its second season with new episodes in November and December.

Rizzoli & Isles launched this summer with 8.6 million viewers, joining The Closer and Falling Skies in giving TNT three premieres with at least 8.0 million viewers, the first time a cable network has ever achieved that level of success. The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles are currently basic cable’s top two series for the year-to-date, with Falling Skies ranking as the top new series.

“This summer, Rizzoli & Isles has proven that last year’s record-breaking ratings were just the beginning of this show’s remarkable track record,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). “With a terrific cast, a top-notch production team and the kind of stories TNT fans crave, Rizzoli & Isles is poised to continue its success alongside blockbuster TNT series like The Closer and Falling Skies.”

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  1. watkinsfamily
    watkinsfamily says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you tell me if it is coming to the uk at all???? Its not fair that so many other countries get it and not us. You have a huge fan base here too !!!!
    p.s. Love the latest book. Is Detective Tam going to be a regular character?

  2. jaayd
    jaayd says:

    If only Tess could write the scripts for this series. Her books are SO MUCH better. I realize that dialog in a TV series is not like reading a book–but these characters do not do justice (no pun intended) to the way that they are developed in the books.

    With that out of the way—Silent Girl is another winner! Work had to wait until the book was finished. Please start “shrinking the time line” between books so that these characters won’t grow old as fast as I do.

  3. cindy12110
    cindy12110 says:

    I love the series! I am very disappointed, however, that the Maura Isles character in the tv series looks absolutely NOTHING like Maura Isles’ description in the books! They should have tried a little at least. It really irks me every time I watch the show, even though I like the show.

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