“Rizzoli & Isles” renewed for second season

The news was announced last Friday, just as I was making my way to the Romance Writers of America conference.

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  1. pegeen
    pegeen says:

    Looking forward to more character development with Maura & Jane as the
    season goes forward (maybe Maura a little less fluffy)…

  2. jhaywood
    jhaywood says:

    I find Maura is too ditzy and boy crazy. She is much more complex than they’re making her out to be in this series. I hope they phase out that aspect of her character.

    TNT should be aiming for an atmosphere akin to Dexter rather than Cold Case.

    Great job on Rizzoli though. Angie Harmon has the blue collar, Boston cop vibe down cold.

    I will keep watching though.

  3. dorilaptop
    dorilaptop says:

    Love the show, didn’t know till now that they are based on books. Now I have to start reading too!

  4. Christina
    Christina says:

    Love Dr. Tess’s books and the new TV series. I have a medical background and find that Dr. Tess is spot-on!!The actors chosen to play the parts of Rizzoli and Isles do so perfectly. The chemistry between the 2 is entertaining. I’ve been a fan of Sasha Alexander’s since her NCIS days and am pleased to see her back on TV. Good luck, gals.

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