Tackling Sensitive Topics in a Novel

My fellow author Gary Braver and I discuss the risks and challenges of writing about a controversial topic. Something we did in our new novel, CHOOSE ME.


“In a way it was dangerous because we are treading on sensitive ground and stirring up people because we dealt with this topic,” Gerritsen says. “But our goal from the beginning was to acknowledge that this happens. We wanted to look at human beings—who are never 100 percent perfect nor 100 percent bad—and understand why they make mistakes…

“It’s a bad place to start with being afraid of what you write, or being afraid that what you write is going to destroy your career,” she says. “Yes, we should try to be sensitive and take into account our characters’ humanity, but to be afraid that you might get something wrong and have that stop you? I can’t imagine a worst case of writer’s block.”

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