Tess’s interview on Murderati.com

Forgive me for being behind on my blogging!  It’s summer in Maine, the season for great weather … and houseguests.  In the meantime, here’s a tongue-in-cheek interview that appeared on Murderati.com.  (Scroll down to the August 5th entry.)

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  1. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    nice reading-but what’s this with august 29th?i thought Mephisto Club was going to be out on 9/12-????

  2. Tess
    Tess says:

    Joe — ooops, I didn’t see that. August 29 is the release date for VANISH the paperback. Sept. 12 is the release date for THE MEPHISTO CLUB. Thanks for letting me clarify!

  3. Tom Young
    Tom Young says:

    Houseguests? Ha Ha My Grandmothers house was at the top of the hill on “old” I-95 in NH at the traffic circle. We use to watch the ‘crazy’ people driving into Maine from Mass every weekend as kids, it would take hours to get from the tolls in Hampton into Maine before the newest section of I-95 was built. Then Sunday night they would do the same thing only in reverse. ‘Crazy” people they were.

    September 12, I can’t wait, already have the book pre-ordered.

  4. joe bernstein
    joe bernstein says:

    tom-i remember the traffic circle very well-i was sationed at pease afb from 69-71 and my wife used to come up sometimes on a weekend and we’d stay at the hojo’s-it sure has changed!!

  5. Craig
    Craig says:

    Any type of traffic configuration that is based on people’s civility during rush hour traffic is absolutely insane. Oklahoma City did away with its circle years ago. It’s now an intersection with lights. To the east of the intersection stand 3 flag poles–American, state, and city. When the OU Sooners lost to Texas last year someone took the city flag down and flew the OU Sooner flag upside down for a week.

  6. NewMexicanAnn
    NewMexicanAnn says:

    Loved it, Tess! You are hilarious! I especially loved the one about: What would you do if you weren’t writing? I’d be dead. Amen to that one!

    That thing about the mock autopsy reminded me of a line in Mystery’s show recently. (It was Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.) They were all snowed in in an English country inn. The time was set maybe in the ’30s or ’40s. After this stammering, awkward doctor was done answering questions, he asked the guy in charge something like, “Shall I do the autopsy now? There’s kitchen knives. And a nutcracker that might be handy.” Hehehehe!


  7. Charissa
    Charissa says:

    *Sits and shivers* It’s winter here, and you’re talking about summer! I’m jealous.

    Your interview had me laughing 🙂 I was laughing when I read your answer to ‘your favourite retreat.’ I’d have probably answered with something very similar.

    — Charissa

  8. Elaine Flinn
    Elaine Flinn says:

    I goofed the release date for Mephisto, not Tess! Sorry about that. Glad you all enjoyed the interview – Tess’s great sense of humor made it fun for me to have her as a guest.

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