the mystery of humor

What makes something funny? Check out my blog on this topic over on Murderati.

And over on the TNT website, the “Rizzoli & Isles” fan forum is now up and ready for comments.

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    An interesting article Tess, I read all the comments and the thing that struck me was that most of them thought that the funniest part was when she chased him”half a block”, which is the point when I laughed myself.
    Up till then it wasn’t funny ,just that point our imaginations took over and we could picture this irate woman charging along the street!
    It’s then we start to enter the story ourselves and embellish it with our own maybe the party food was rubbish, or maybe she had cannibalistic tendencies and was just hungry!
    On the other hand, just imagine being a spectator to this, in the street..Id’e be witnessing an assault.

    In some ways this kind of “black” humour is like the pleasure we get from reading some of the gory parts of your books..its safe but maybe a little guilty pleasure?
    Strangely, I think I’ve become more “wicked” as I’ve gotten older!

    Regards, Jenny

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