“The Ultra Gory Writer”

Sometimes I run across a reference to me as “that ultra gory writer” and I can’t help but think: “Who, moi?!” Because, to tell the truth, I don’t think of myself that way. A confession here: I hate gory movies. I hate watching violence on film, or reading it on the page. I don’t think of my own books as particularly upsetting, though, because when I write about autopsies or operating rooms, I’m just writing about … well, work. The things I’ve seen as a doctor, which — taken in the context of the autopsy room or the OR — are all about doing your job. Once you put on that hat of doctor or medical examiner, you are not focused on the horror of what you’re seeing. You’re there to do a job, and you just want to do the best you can. You shut out the horror.So please don’t think of me as that “ultra gory writer.” Think of me as that author who’s just telling you what she’s seen as a doctor.

And on another subject:

Things that readers/reviewers say that make me scratch my head.

I got this in an email: “I work in a medical laboratory, and I have NEVER done the things that Warren Hoyt does! I never uncap blood tubes and sniff them! You have done my profession a terrible disservice with this book!”

Um, okay. I’m really glad you don’t do the things that Warren Hoyt does.

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