Tom Hanks, Ken Burns… and me

It’s a thrill, just appearing in the same sentence with those two names, but I now have something in common with Tom Hanks and Ken Burns.

We’re all contributors to the same book.

The title is Creating A Life You’ll Love, in which “notable achievers offer their secrets for happiness.” It’s a collection of seventeen college commencement speeches written by a variety of public figures, including Thomas Friedman, Barbara Kingsolver, Ray Kurzweil, David McCullough, Harold Prince, Anna Quindlen. And me.

There are some wonderful insights here. (And who knew Barbara Kingsolver was such a stand-up comedienne? The story she tells about her daughter is hilarious.)

The book goes on sale March 27, and will receive nationwide promotion during the graduation season. It should make a great gift for new graduates.

The best part? The royalties generated by sales will go toward nonprofit HIV/AIDS prevention and research.

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