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Earlier this year, I had “Team Jane” and “Team Maura” tee shirts made as giveaways for all the booksellers I visited during my book tour for THE SILENT GIRL. They were a huge hit with both booksellers and customers, and I got asked again and again whether I might make them available for sale. Since I wasn’t planning to go into the retail business, I said no.

But the requests kept coming.

Recently, I had some other fun stuff made (hats and coffee mugs) as prize giveaways for a recent contest. And the stuff was so cool that I began to think: “why not make these available for everyone? And why not throw in other fun gear like a Maura scrub top and Jane/Maura underwear? (Which was suggested by a Facebook friend.)

So today, ta dah! We’re launching our e-store where you can buy the first few items we’ve now got in stock: Rizzoli and Isles baseball caps, with your choice of “What Would Jane Do?” or “What Would Maura Do?” embroidered on the back, and coffee mugs. Hospital scrub tops and underwear will be coming, too.

We’re trying to keep the prices reasonable, because I’m not doing this to make money. It’s to give Jane and Maura fans what they’ve been asking for, and to spread the word about both the TV show and the books.

We’re new to this, so please be gentle with us. We have no idea how much will sell, and no idea if we’ll end up with 200 pairs of unsold underwear. It’s all an experiment, and it’s all in fun. Check back often, because new things will be popping up soon.

And yes, we do take international orders!

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  1. barbara
    barbara says:

    just had to say finished reading The Silent Girl in the early hours of this morning, it’s one of your best.

  2. Emilie86
    Emilie86 says:

    I agree, I listened to ‘The Silent Girl’ as an audio book in in the car, I absolutely loved it. I love your books Tess!!

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