Would you like a signed bookplate?

If you or any reader you know would like signed bookplates, bookmarks, and a printed reader’s guide to Mephisto Club, send a self-addressed stamped business-sized envelope to:

Tess Gerritsen, PO Box G, Camden, ME  04843

I’ll be on the road a lot over the next few weeks, but I’ll try to mail out the book plates as quickly as I can!  

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  1. Cade13
    Cade13 says:

    Sweet deal, even though I’ll be getting a signed book tomorrow at your Borders signing in South Portland, I wouldn’t mind having one of these bookplates/bookmarks, expect to receieve an envelope from me sometime soon. By the way, I think it’s pretty cool that you’re so ‘Down to Earth’ and enjoy interacting with your fans and taking time to do stuff like this for us. A lot of writers or artists wouldn’t bother or really care. I have lived in Maine all my life and thought it was pretty neat when I picked up your first book and realized you lived here (I didn’t even know when I first bought it, it was Bloodstream, I just liked the name/cover/synopsis on the back).


  2. bob k
    bob k says:


    Actually, I picked up a signed copy of The Mephisto Club at B&N in Augusta yesterday. I was surprised to see that most of the books in the stack were signed – and yes, your book was front and center on the display right in front of the front door!!

    As I checked out, the woman at the counter said “Oh, good – you got a signed copy!” I said I was surprised they had a bunch of signed copies and she said “Oh yeah, she stops by occasionally and signs books. She’s really nice!” I also saw the paperback version of Vanish – that cover is very, very eye-catching! I think you made an excellent choice there.

    Of course, the problem with being an avid reader is this – your new book has been out less than a week…and now I have to wait a YEAR for the next one!

    By the way Tess…they just keep getting better and better. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work!!

  3. sabrinawstan
    sabrinawstan says:

    Hi Tess

    Am not a resident of the US, am in New Zealand at the moment.

    Are non US residents eligible for the bookplates? If yes, what’s the postal arrangment?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  4. fatimat
    fatimat says:

    hi there , my name is fatima and i live in portugal – i am portuguese – it came to my hands few days ago .. what i thought it was yr first book “the surgeon” i just love it… and i recommend to all my friends.. i am waiting for the next books of yrs in portuguese .. all i want to do is thank you for writing so well.. i am fan of yrs and i think you will have many more here in my country… y0u can count on me to “make the promotion”- big hug – fatima – yes i woulk live to have the book plate but i dont know how to do it .. because ia m not in usa.. tks

  5. June
    June says:

    I can’t wait! I really love your stuff…Hey how come you don’t spend more time in NY, I would love the chance at having you sign my copy of The Mephisto Club!!! Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your amasing books in the future and perhaps having you one-day sign a copy…Good luck on your tour! All my best!

  6. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Hi, Tess! Thanks so much for sending me 2 signed book plates, a signed bookmark and the “Mephisto Club” Reader’s Guide! And yes, I did enjoy the book! I didn’t expect the ending, and I thought it was something else than how it ended. Surprise! Then again, I like that about your books, not being able to predict.

    Thanks so much for being a great people person with your fans. I hope to meet you someday and yes, I will talk to the owners of the Open Book in Greenville, SC about asking you to a book signing. I go to the ones held for Nicholas Sparks every year (I stood in line for 5 hours last year!). make sure you tell your PR Rep the OPEN BOOK in Greenville SC lol!

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